At Mortgage Hero, we pride ourselves on our customer service.  It’s the soul of our business.  If we went home at night without doing our absolute best for our customers each and every day, we wouldn’t be happy with our work—maybe we wouldn’t even be in business.  Thankfully, we care and we endeavour to do everything we can for each client and application.

We aim to build a close relationship with every one of our customers that will last a lifetime.

With us, it’s not just do the deal, sign here and here, then we go off in our separate directions.  At Mortgage Hero, we want to get close to our customers and build a partnership for life. We’ll keep you up to date with changes in the lending environment, let you know when we see opportunities to save you money, and assist with additional lending when you expand your real estate portfolio.

We only work with the mortgage brokers in Perth.  They are all fully licensed and qualified, each one of them sharing our commitment to working hard and surpassing our customer’s expectations.

Throughout their many years of service, our mortgage brokers have learned just how complex and stressful home loans can be, especially for normal Australians who have to focus on their families and day jobs.  This is why we go out of our way to simplify the whole process.  We want to take all of the stress away from you, so that you have more free time and money for what’s important to you.

Our service begins before you even walk in our door.  We make sure that our finance brokers are all up-to-date on the current home loan scene and that they have close connections with the best lenders. Our mortgage brokers sit down with you and look at your financial situation in relation to your goals.  We then find a range of loans that suit you best and then explain the pros and cons simply, so that you can understand and make your own choices.

Whether you are an experienced investor looking to set up a complex self-managed super fund deal, or a first home buyer trying to get your foot in the door – we’ll find the right solution for you.  We love finding our customers the best deals, and making the process as easy as possible. Once you’re happy, we’ll be happy.