3 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Mortgage Broker

Perth is currently experiencing historically low interest rates in the housing market. This is great for first time homeowners and landlords alike. Yet with the whole wide world of home ownership and loans spread out before you, I want to look at some reasons why you’ll want to work with a mortgage broker moving forward.

Professional Finance Knowledge

This is the first and most important point – that being this is their job; to facilitate the home buying process for anyone interested. There is simply an insurmountable amount of knowledge out there when it comes to buying a home and for many an Australian it’s simply too much to grasp if you’re just diving right in. A Mortgage broker will help in in knowing the market intimately, as well as the available interest rates and differing terms these lenders have for you. Their experience is invaluable to you, and you should seek it out.


When you deal with things on your own you’re unfortunately going to have to take what you can get. This is can be discouraging, as you’ve got a goal in mind for yourself and your family, but you may not be able to find the right home, or barring that the right mortgage for you, which could in turn limit what is available to you. A Mortgage broker will scour Perth or your chosen area; to find what’s right for you and yours. They know your wants and needs; they understand your current situation and will make sure they can get the best possible solution to your home buying needs. In essence the lenders and sellers are coming to you rather than you having to go find them.

Working with Banks

There isn’t competition between brokers and banks; simply due to the fact that banks and lenders want people to borrow, and since brokers have those looking to borrow; you can be sure your broker will get you the best possible deal, couple this with reason two above and the whole mortgage broker package starts to look pretty appetizing doesn’t it?
The markets are surely competitive these days; with everyone vying for your dollars and your business; they’ve unloaded all manner of bonuses, special rates, and free incentives all aimed at getting you to come over to their side. You’re going to be spending a fair amount of money on this purchase, and you’re going to be locking yourself into a sizeable commitment.
That’s all the more reason to make sure you’re not going it alone, and have someone who can make this life choice as easy, and as satisfying as possible. After all, the quicker you can handle all those legal and financial entanglements the sooner you can begin to enjoy your new home! So if you’re looking into homes in Perth, make sure you look into an accredited mortgage broker too; you’ll be glad you did!

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